About – Kandawgyi Gardens


In 1915, a piece of land 30 acres was acquired with the idea of converting into a garden for displaying of indigenous species. In 1917, Government sanctioned the formation of a botanic garden and the preliminary work started. Its idea of design was inspired by Kew Garden of England with the help of botanists Mr. Alex Rodger and Lady Cuffe. In 1924, the garden which by this time comprised 97 hectares, was declared as Maymyo Botanical Garden Reserve. In 2001, the garden has been upgraded with the name of National Kandawgyi Gardens.

National Kandawgyi Gardens is only one garden designated as botanic garden by the Government which open to public. It is located at Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Region, where also known as hill station at above sea level 1,078 meters. Now, the garden has an area of 177 hectares including 28 hectares of water body.


  • To be a recreational garden for local and foreign visitors
  • To educate people to appreciate the value and significance of the trees, forest and environment
  • To set up a natural laboratory for botanists, flower enthusiasts and researchers
  • To conserve rare and endangered species of flower and trees
  • To set up an attractive eco-tour Centre providing recreation and knowledge for local and foreign eco-tourists and to promote Eco-tourism in Myanmar.

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