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Fossil Museum & Petrified Wood Museum

Several types of fossils and petrified woods collected from Magway and Sagaing Regions are displaying in the museum for providing knowledge and understanding of evolution.

Swamp Walk Way

The swamp forest, an important head water of Kandawgyi Lake, is a unique place of the garden to study some aquatic plants and its ecosystem along the timber walk way. Besides, it gives the taste of walking through the forest as well.

Bamboo Forest

More than sixty species of Myanmar bamboo can be studied in the bamboo forest, which can be found near the Takin Show after passing through the Swam Walk-way. Its distinct and beautiful environment compels visitors to choose a beautiful bamboo forest over others.

Pine Forest

Pine trees are one of the significant symbols of the mountainous area that can be found as a beautiful place inside the garden. The pine forest is open to the public to explore and provides a picturesque setting for your next adventure. It is the best place to relax peacefully and feel the soul of a mountainous place full of pine wood fragrance.

Walk-in Aviary

The aviary in which about 40 species of waterfowls and forest birds conserved is a must place for bird lovers to visit and have a walk along the timber way inside. It contributes the awareness on how importance of tress that's home and safety for birds. Moveover, the aviary will promote understanding of biodiversity conservation.

Cherry Blossoming

The cherry blossoms have become a symbol of the natural beauty of Kandawgyi Gardens, which can be seen annually when cherry trees are in full bloom from December to January. Generally, flowering cherries come in different shapes and sizes, but all are incredibly gorgeous. Cherry blossoming during the event of the Flower Festival is a gift of nature.

Orchid Garden

This garden is holding more than 200 species of Myanmar wild orchids including endemic and CITES listed ones. Moreover, several hybrid species are waiting for orchid lovers as well.

Nan Myint Tower

Nan Myint Tower, 65 meters in high, is a unique place to have bird's eye views not only over National Kandawgyi Gardens but also Pyin Oo Lwin city and its surrounded environments such as forests, mountains, plantations, etc.

Kandawgyi Lake

The lake with the area of 28 ha, locally well known as Kandawgyi Lake is heart of the garden and playing critical role not only for the garden but also a water source for the city. This Lake was supporting a wetland area (Kandawlay and adjacent) where a stream initiated that's the only stream running throughout ........

Forest and Landscape

There are beautiful landscapes, scenic views with seasonal flowers of local and foreign species around and on shore of the lake. Both plantation and natural forests are playing major role in supporting aesthetic beauty and theme of the garden. More than 7,000 trees comprising about 200 species either natural or plantation ........

Butterfly Museum

It is a showcase of collection about 1,000 species out of 1,200 Myanmar butterfly. Additionally, specimens of more than 500 outside species are displaying as well. It is still unique butterfly museum in the country where specimens of most diverse species are being displayed.

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