FAQs – Kandawgyi Gardens


Is there wheelchair accessible entrance?

We are warmly welcome to every kinds of person.

Do they accept only MMK cash?

We accept two currency MMK, USD.

Is there any food court inside?

Yes, you may have rest for food and drink in the garden. There is also picnic site for visitors to enjoy peacefully.

Do they allow group check?

We allow group check per list applied before.

Do they need reservation for ride?

You don't need reservation for ride, however, you probably need to queue on the peak days.

What is near around?

It is close to National Landmarks and not too far from Vine Yards, Coffee Farm to visit.

What is the open/close time?

Open from 8 am in the morning to 6pm in the evening. Others activities inside the garden terminate on 5pm in the evening.

Is there any photo shooting service available?

Yes, there is a famous photo shooting service of Cherry Photo Studio available inside the garden to record your moment ease and comfortable.

Is there any information center?

Although, there is no dedicated information center, you may need to ask to ticket sale person for information.

What is the best way to reach the garden?

There are two options to reach, can take pony cart or bicycle from clock tower of the city center or it just take 5mins by car.

When flower festival celebration is happened?

Flower Festival happens annually during December to January and usually takes place almost (30) days. There will be pre announcement before the event.

Is there any amusement center for kids?

There is an Amusement Center was opened up for the kids near the car parking area of the garden.

Is there fish feeding program available?

Yes, there is specific fish feeding area available on the bridge in the lake. Fish food also can buy easily in that area.

Are flowers shown always the same?

No, flowers are shown accordance with the season. There are more chances to see different kinds of flower in the Flower Festival than other season.

Is ticket price including any other activity fees?

Any other activities fee not include in the entrance ticket fees for local visitors. Buggy service includes in the ticket fees for foreign visitors except from entrance fees of Orchid Garden, Butterfly Museum and Nan-Myint Tower.

Is there any validity or specific dates on the tickets?

You may use the tickets for only on specific date.

Can everything be paid to you in Myanmar?

Yes, you can. We accept two currency such as MMK and USD in cash and do not accept other forms of payment at the moment. The entrance tickets can be collected from us when you were at zoo in Myanmar.

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