Floral – Kandawgyi Gardens


About 700,000 ornamental flower seeds of local and foreign species have been sowing seasonally in a year. Typically, thirty to forty flower species
have been growing in a season, one time in summer and cold season, two times in rainy season, total four times in a year continuously.


In the event of a flower festival, visitors can enjoy autumn flowers and more than thirty species of other annual flowers as well.

Rainy Season

More than a dozen species of flowers like Salvia, Dehlia, Marigold, Celosia, Cosmos, Cleome, etc. can be seen under the cloudy sky. Seeing flowers in the rainy season is a kind of beauty.


Summer is a time for sunny and colorful flowers! Summer time isn’t perfect without these annual flowers that bloom all summer.


Flowers that bloom from time to time, like Cherry , Lily of the Nile and Day Lily, Lagerstroemia idica, Mahonia nepalensis, Castanosperma austral, Lagerstroemia speciosa, Bauhinia variegoda, Delonix regia, Jacaranda acutifolia, Magnolia grandiflora, Millettia brandisiana, Salix tetrasperma, etc. are also attractive to visitors who fall in love with nature.

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